Rules of conduct

For everyone’s comfort and well-being the estate shall follow a rule of night rest between 22:00 and 06:00 (10 PM to 6 AM). This means that electronic devices, such as televisions, radios and stereos, have to be used in a way that will not disturb others. While in use, windows and balcony doors shall be shut. This rule applies to other devices such as power drills, other tools and machinery.

No smoking is allowed on the balcony or out in the association’s property. This is because of the buildings ventilation system, positioned underneath the windows. The smoke could very easily be dragged into apartments.

The condominium holder shall take full care for his or hers apartment as well as the association’s property in general. Changes to the inside as well as the outside oft the apartment needs to be confirmed in writing by the association board.

If damage occurs in the apartment in which repair can not be postponed, the association board shall be informed as soon as possible.

No work is allowed in the apartment that may disturb other neighbors or carry any businesses without permission from the association board.

Bicycles, strollers etc. shall be stored in intended spaces or in the apartment.

Common shared spaces, such as the stairwell, needs to be free of junk or other items as it’s critical for safety during a fire or other dangers. There’s no smoking allowed in common shared spaces. Leftover junk, such as cigarette butts or snuff boxes, are not to be left out in common spaces or out in the patio.

A resident who has pets shall ensure that the pet doesn´t make any noise, pollute or damage to the association’s property.

The patio included in leasing is to be taken care of by the resident. Any other patio area is property of the association. The balcony will be shoveled if needed. Carpets or other types of rugs are not allowed to be whipped or shaken on the balcony or on the patio. Flower boxes are to be hung on the inside of the railing, water them moderately so that nothing spills over to the balcony underneath. Providing any food for birds on the balcony is not allowed.

Only electric grills are allowed on the patio or the balcony. These are only allowed to be used as long as no disturbance is being caused. Grilling on courtyard is only allowed on a designated position if such exists. Resident is responsible for any damage caused by carelessness or inadvertency.

Displaying signs on the building’s outer walls is not allowed unless the board gives permission for you to do so. Setting up awnings or windowing in the balcony needs to be accepted by the board. It is not allowed to set up a satellite dish or aerial on the facade of the building or on a balcony or similar without approval from the association board.

The resident shall comply with other special regulations issued by the association board for commonwealth, car seats, cable TV, garbage room and other common external and internal facilities.

The rules of well-being is applied as:

  • They are complementary to laws and statutes.
  • Violation may result in the confiscation of the right of use of apartment owned by the tenant.
  • The board decides and adopts rules of procedure.
  • Basic respect and consideration will be shown between neighbors.
  • The above rules shall be observed by the tenant’s owners and guests or those who are housed in the apartment.

With support of Chapter 7 in “Bostadsrättslagen” (Tenant Act) and the association’s statutes this ruleset has been made. (These can of course change through a new board meeting).

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